Floor Cloths, Fine Art, and Custom Picture Framing

Beautiful art for your floor!

Floor cloths are our latest adventure at Gray Hawk Designs. We are painters who create beautiful canvases to decorate your floors.
We create innovative and modern designs on an old colonial technique of making beautiful art on canvas for your floors. All our work is original and hand crafted in our studios at Gray Hawk Designs. Our floor cloths add beauty and are very durable, perfect for your front hall, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. 


We start with heavy, durable canvas cloth.
We begin the process by coating our canvases with a minimum of 
three (3) coats of paint on the back and four (4) coats of paint on the front. This adds strength and solidity to canvases. 

From there we pursue our design, and the design painting can take up to three or four coats of paint to give each design a rich and lasting color.

On top of the design we coat the entire surface with five (5) coats of polyurethane and two (2) coats of carnauba wax. This makes the surface not only beautiful, but very durable for use in your home.


We suggest adding a layer of carnauba or paste was to your floor cloth periodically depending on where it is placed in your home and how much use it gets. 

If you store your floor cloth for seasonal use, we suggest you store it flat. Placing the floor cloth between two layers of cardboard and putting it safely under a bed is a great and easy way to store your floor cloth when not in use.

PRICING: $25-45 per square foot depending upon complexity of the design.

We have recently relocated to Connecticut from Virginia.

We will be adding posts on our paintings and 
custom picture framing shortly.

Please contact us with any and all inquiries:

We are happy to provide 
custom designs in sizes 
to fit your home.